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Youth Program

RfC Wristbands

Do you want to help keep your friends and family safe? Keep the power to save lives as close as your arm! Trade and share "RememberforChange" wristbands. Remind your friends and family to NOT drink and drive! Contact Us to find out how to get your own Don't Drink and Drive wristbands to wear and share.

No. of Wrist Bands / Pledge Cards You Want to Champion


5 of each: youth wristband and pledge card set

12 of each set

20 of each set

32 of each set

50 (or more) of each set is a $1.00/set

Donation Amount






Pay-It-Forward by providing to youth in St. Lucie County:

Our first anonymous donor match has been successfully met! 

Please contact us or click the donate button if you’d like to become the

next matching donor!

PAL boxers join Remember for Change in raising a fist against teen drinking.

Champions of Change
(In Partnership with Drug Free St.Lucie)

Pledge with RfC

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